Budapest VIII. kerület (Józsefváros (Nagykörúton kívül))

Fiumei út

700.000.000 Ft    (1.959.522 )

ID: TK339745
Elhelyezkedés 1086 Budapest VIII. kerület
(Józsefváros (Nagykörúton kívül))
Fiumei út
Tranzakció típusa Eladó
Ingatlan típusa Telek
Alapterület 5.000 m2
Domborzati viszonyok Sík
Megközelíthetőség Közúton

Budapest frekventált csomópontjában eladó telek projektcéggel, érvényes építési engedéllyel. Az építési engedély alapján 14 szintes szálloda, kórház építhető helikopter-leszállópályával.


The area is located in the most frequented place of Budapest, next to the most beehive crossing, near the Eastern railwaystation, in addittion 200 meters away from the Rákoczi street lying a busy major road (Fiumei way). The prospective buliding -which would be the highest hotel in Budapest- will be built in an untouched segment of a two acres public establishment, in the neighbourhood of the Casualty Center, at a metro station, close to the hugest shopping mal of Middle-East Europe.

The groundfloor + 11 storeyed building’s lenght centerline is paralell with the Fiumiei way, under the main wing a three storeyed part are being made (two from these are garages), under the ground level an approximately 1200 – 1300 m2 conference center with natural light and also a wellness center will connect to the groundfloor’s attendant.

The prospective building will have mixed functions, a four-starred hotel and apart from that a 500 m2 health center (rehabilitation, dietetics, lifestyle guidance etc.) will operate, seperated technically and functionally. The health center locates in the buliding’s nearest segment to the hospital.
A general floor of the building contains 26 rooms and has the necessary services ( two staircases, four guest elevators, one servant elevator).

The top two floors –which has a beautiful view to the city- also have rooms with the same layout, although the units have smaller capacity.

The speciality of the project is the round the clock helicopter runway, that connects to a seperated staircase ending of the top floor in 37 meters high, to tend on the hotel and the Casualty Center’s function. (At the present time this functions on the ground of the prospective building). This helicopter runway will be a unique and particural architectural creation in Europe. We are applying specific buildingstructure and increased sound-proof glasses to absorb the noise of the helicopters during their operation. The casaulty saving do not have any effect on the hotel’s regular function, because we are making a direct connection to the Casaulty Center’s main building by a steel-framed bridge in 37 meters altitude.

The useful place –not counting the parking floor- will be above 11000 squaremetres of the four starred hotel (including appr. 270 rooms) and wellness center. The emphatic entrance will be built in the symmetry line of the hotel. We are establishing parking places and up to par gardens in the trapezoid shaped fore-garden as well as in the back of the building at the terraces of the restaurant.